Home Buyer

Looking to upgrade? Not sure how to juggle buying and selling? What is bridging finance anyway? Moving house is hard enough without having to worry about your mortgage.


Already Got a Deposit?

Don’t just get it approved, make sure you get a mortgage that suits. A broker can help you by maximising your borrowing power, getting you a great rate and structuring the loan to help you get ahead.

Banks have different criteria depending on whether you’re working full time or self employed, looking to start a family or getting set for retirement, planning on building or just want to make your new house a home.

Whether you want to install a new kitchen and an extra bedroom, manage your repayments while you’re down to one income or get mortgage free faster, getting the right advice will ensure your home loan works for you.


Do I sell first or should I find my new home?

The first thing to do is to make sure you understand your financial position. Once you know what your options are you will be able to make an informed decision. Options like bridging finance and deposit bonds are available to help ensure a smooth transition.


What is Bridging Finance?

Bridging finance can help when you need to settle on your new home before you have finalised sale of your existing. It’s a temporary arrangement where a bank takes security over both properties.


What about Deposit bonds?

Deposit Bonds can be used instead of cash if you’re buying at auction or have a long settlement. Instead of borrowing at a high rate you pay a one-off fee up front and repay it when you settle.

Buying a second home can be a delicate process when there are twice as many parties involved.